You’ve got more important things to do

Primary residence, second home, or investment property? It’s important that you have expert, trusted, local representation to facilitate your Palm Springs purchase. We’re here to make the process successful, simple, and stress-free so that you have time to do other things, like plan your first pool party.  

How to own a piece of paradise in the desert: Let’s be PROACTIVE.

We want to present your offer in the brightest light, getting the best price and best possible terms for you. Well-written offers protect you, and bring a level of comfort to the process. Here’s what we do, and what we'll have ready before you even make an offer, so that you can begin to think about other things, like how you want to decorate your new desert home.

  • Lender Pre-approval Letter: We’ll put you in touch with quality lenders who we know from experience, will make the pre-approval process simple and quick, and reduce the chances of “surprises” during escrow. This isn’t a surprise birthday party!

  • A Well-written Purchase Contract: We’ll prepare a contract with terms that protect your interests, and at the same time increase the odds the seller will accept your offer.

  • Proof of Funds: Our goal is to show the seller that you mean business. We’ll convey confidence when we show the seller your proof of funds for your down payment, closing costs, or gift funds.

  • Love Letter: Sometimes it’s the extra little steps that make the biggest splash. Should you write a love letter? We think so. While every purchase may not be “competitive”, the quick, simple act of writing a short note to the seller can sometimes make all the difference in how a seller responds. We’ve helped clients write dozens, and we can help you say the right things to connect with the seller.

  • Our Resume: Our reputation will set you apart. Who writes your offer and presents it, matters.

  • Seller Disclosures & Inspections: We’ll guide you through the seller disclosures and point out any red flags or issues so they can be addressed accordingly. Inspections are important for both knowledge and peace of mind. We’ll provide referrals to trusted professionals and be present at all of your inspections. Knowledge is power. And, perhaps money!

  • Escrow: We’ll be there for you throughout the escrow process, ensuring that we’re on schedule and meeting deadlines, such as removing contingencies, etc. AND, we’ll be a trusted source for you even after you’ve moved in and had your first pool party! We have contacts with electricians, painters, contractors, plumbers, you name it! We’ll be here for you throughout every step of the home ownership process.

    Typical escrow timeline

  1. Offer Acceptance

  2. Deposit of buyer’s earnest money

  3. Buyer investigations

  4. Appraisal deadline

  5. Loan approval deadline

  6. Buyer’s final walk through

  7. Sign closing docs and deposit final funds

  8. Funding and Recording of Title

  9. Sold

  10. Keys to you!

We’re ready. Are you?